SXLS - Entertaining The Lifestyle - Where XXX Meets XoXo - A Site Which is Essentially an Introduction to SXLS, the Actual Site/App in Production. That is what THIS Website is made for. For You All to Learn About The Project We’ve been Working Very Hard On. To Keep You Updated On It’s Progress etc. We Obviously Cannot Share Everything With Everyone, To Protect Us and All of the Awesome Features in Production, However We Share What we Can! We Believe That You Deserve Only the Best, So We Have Chosen To Take our Time To Perfect SXLS. We Had Decided Early On That We Won’t Make It Live and Available Until It’s at the Point Where it’s Usable, User-Friendly and Easy to Use. Basically, We’ve Chosen Not To Release Anything in a BETA State. In our personal experience, many sites tend to release too soon, and run essentially Beta Programming.. Because of the nature of the user experience for many of these sites, glitches, bugs and incomplete coding.. we simply don’t use them, after a day of frustration from difficulty of use. 

There are a few sites we are members of that may have some minor glitches and incomplete functionality of some features.. but we don’t mind that.. considering, the few that we do use .. are not like the others being referenced.  They do run smoothly, are fun and we can always notice the updates that provide an even better user experience (especially for us, owners of the iPhone X.. a thorn in the side of a programmer.. with the nature of the coding being a lot more complex than on other devices) and we may also release a version that’s more than BETA but Less than 100% complete .. that’s something we’ll consider when we cross that bridge. 

Till then.. We plan to keep you, our Friends and Followers, Entertained!  Some new and cool features will be  coming to the current site .., and they will be announced on our profile, pages, groups and the other platforms were on. Speaking of which, we’re aiming to provide you with more Entertainment on the places mentioned above.. Our IG, Twitter, Snapchat and of course our Facebook ™️ Pages- @SXLS and @Bri N Joe- The LS Advocate and I should mention that the Marketing Service- eXposure, designed for JUST LS Brands, has Grown and developed into our New Marketing Agency, Specializing In Niche Marketing- LStyle Media Social 

You’re Business IS Our Business! 

& Your Success is Our Success!

Contact Us When You’re Ready To #LevelUp & Gain The Exposure Your Brand Deserves! 

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We Very Much Look Forward To Launching and Releasing SXLS- and Providing You With The Destination For You To eXperience Everything The Lifestyle Has To Offer You! XXXO  Lots Of Love 


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